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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced an egg recall in Saskatchewan on Saturday for certain products.

Only eggs with a specific lot code are affected, says federal governmentCBC News

· Posted: Feb 18, 2024 11:47 AM EST | Last Updated: February 18

Egg brands affected by the provincewide recall include Compliments, Harman, Star Egg and No Name. (Peter Power/The Canadian Press)A recall has been issued for certain eggs possibly contaminated with salmonella in Saskatchewan.

On Saturday, the federal government said the egg recall was triggered by test results. 

Brands affected include Compliments, Harman, Star Egg and No Name — but only products with certain lot codes on the egg packaging are affected.

The specific lot codes and a full list of the products included in the recall can be found on the government of Canada’s website.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says it’s now investigating and warning there could be more products affected in the future.

While healthy people may experience minor symptoms from salmonella, such as fever, vomiting and diarrhea, the food inspection agency says young children, pregnant women and elderly people could face deadly infections at worst, and there are possible long-term arthritis related complications.

Eggs contaminated with salmonella may not appear or smell spoiled.

There have yet to be any reported cases of people falling ill from the eggs, according to the government.

The food inspection agency is recommending people either throw out eggs affected by the recall or return them, and it’s making sure stores are removing the recalled items.

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