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Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet is among the most renowned ballet schools in the country — and 12-year-old Windsor twins Liam and Chase Wolfe hope to become students.

Liam and Chase Wolfe of Windsor dream of careers in dance

Dalson Chen · CBC News

· Posted: Jan 16, 2024 12:23 PM EST | Last Updated: January 16

Trying out for the Royal Winnipeg BalletLiam Wolfe, 12, and Chase Wolfe, 12, are among the dancers who got a chance to try out for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s School Professional Division in Winsdor this week. Their mom, Kimberly Chase, talks about how her sons prepared for the auditions, and Johanne Gingras, teacher training program director for Royal Winnipeg Ballet, describes what the ballet is looking for.

Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet is considered one of the most prestigious ballet schools in the country, if not the world — and it’s where two Windsor brothers hope to pursue their dancing dreams.

“I really want to join, and I really want to do the annual program,” said Liam Wolfe, 12.

Chase Wolfe, also 12, echoed his brother’s ambitions. “I really hope I make it.”

Twin brothers Chase Wolfe and Liam Wolfe, both 12, strike a pose in Windsor while preparing to audition for Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet. (Michael Evans/CBC)The Wolfe twins took part in an audition session for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet at the Edmunds Towers School of Dance in Windsor on Monday.

Their mother, Kimberley Wolfe, said her sons have been adamant since they could walk and talk about what they want to do in life. “We went to a children’s fest early on. They saw a performance on stage and said, that’s what we want to do.”

“Liam, in particular, wants to be a professional dancer. Chase would love to be a choreographer.”

While the brothers also enjoy sports — such as hockey, soccer, and baseball — dance has been their passion since they were three years old, Kimberley Wolfe said.

But ballet can be a tough taskmaster. Kimberley said the rigorous training for dance has enhanced her sons’ balance, core strength, and conditioning.

The Wolfe twins’ skills have already taken them to dance classes in places such as New York City and Los Angeles.

Training with the renowned Royal Winnipeg Ballet would be a major step toward fulfilling their dreams.

Chase Wolfe and Liam Wolfe of Windsor entrechat as they warm up for their auditions with Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet. (Michael Evans/CBC)”I love the technique and feeling in ballet,” Liam said. “Dance is amazing. It helps you cope with hard times — or it helps you express your feelings.”

Chase found the audition a positive experience, regardless of the outcome. “I think it went well… Well, we never know until we find out the results. If they give us comments, which I hope they do, we can work on it and improve for the next time.”

Liam Wolfe, 12, of Windsor, crosses his legs while warming up for his audition with Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet. (Michael Evans/CBC)Johanne Gingras, teacher training program director with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, said that despite the awareness that admission to the school is a gateway to a professional career in ballet, she tries to put those who audition at ease.

“We will start today with a simple ballet class. We will look through their physicality — how they move with the music, how expressive they are… stretching, flexibility, how they use their feet, coordination. There are many different elements that we may be looking for.”

Email notices to successful candidates are only issued after Gingras completes the audition tour, with sessions taking place in cities across Canada.

Chase Wolfe, 12, of Windsor, takes flight while warming up for his audition with Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet. (Michael Evans/CBC)

Chase Wolfe (left) and Liam Wolfe (right) of Windsor smile for the camera before their auditions for Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet. (Michael Evans/CBC)ABOUT THE AUTHOR

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